The Centre for Teacher and Early Years Education, based at UCL Institute of Education, works to improve quality in early years teacher education in China, to transform education for 170 million children and their families. 

The Centre’s main areas of research are: 

  • Teacher education and leadership for the early years in China
  • Quality in early years education
  • The role of the family in early years education
  • Early literacy development

The Centre has recently published a number of reports exploring a variety of themes including: the characteristics of effective parenting and related programmes, understanding assessment in early years’ settings, and comparing international 0-3 curriculum frameworks to inform guidelines in China. 

For a general overview, have a read of this literature review: Early Childhood Education in People’s Republic of China: A Literature Review of the publications written in English

If you wish to reference any reports, please note the correct citation details included in each report.

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