Cindy Rampersaud

Cindy is a board level leader with >25 years of Executive experience and >15 years of Non-Executive experience across a range of sectors. She is a Non-Executive Director and member of the Audit & Risk Committee at Sage Housing, a board member and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee at The London Film School and a board member at Speakers Trust.

Most recently as an executive leader at Pearson Plc, Cindy led the transformation of the BTEC & Apprenticeships division. A qualified Chartered Accountant, in her formative career Cindy held several senior finance roles with companies across the entertainment media sector including Virgin, Warner Brothers and EMI.

Cindy is a strong advocate of technical education, working closely with government and industry stakeholders to promote the vital role it plays in supporting individuals and the wider economy by responding to demand for changing skills. In 2018 she sponsored and was a member of the Commission for Sustainable Learning.

A strong advocate of DEI, Cindy has been included on the EMPower Involve list for three consecutive years for her contributions to driving greater EDI. In 2021 she set up a post-Covid Inequality’s Forum to look at the impact of widening inequalities gap.

Cindy was a TEDx speaker, presenting on ‘a future yet to be imagined’ and was the recipient of the 2019 WeQual Award (Finance & Commercial category) which recognises the achievements of women working in FTSE companies. Most recently Cindy was included in Cranfield’s Women to Watch list (2021).